Ticket regulations

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to verify, at the time of purchase, that there are no errors in the date, concert hall, time or otherwise.

A refund is guaranteed only in the event of cancellation or interruption, should the interruption occur before the first intermission or, in the absence of an intermission, within the first 45 minutes of the event.

Refunds will take place within 10 days of the scheduled date, and within the times and modalities communicated on www.auditorium.com and/or www.santacecilia.it. Season tickets will be refunded at the end of the season.

Tickets will need to be shown in the event of inspections (pursuant to Legislative Decree 60/99).

The organizer reserves the right not to refund pre-sale fees.

The programme, concert hall, date and time of events may be subject to change.

Access to the event venue is allowed up until 5 minutes before the event begins.

Notwithstanding preceding point 7, should access be allowed past the maximum stated time, ticket holders will lose the right to occupy the seat on their ticket and will instead be required to sit where indicated by the concert hall’s staff.

Patrons must keep their cell phones and/or all other electronic devices in the off position, and making audio or video recordings is strictly prohibited. Should these rules be violated, the organizer reserves the right to remove the offender and proceed with the appropriate legal actions.

In the event of loss, tickets will not be duplicated, refunded or replaced.

The audience may be subject to audio and video recordings made during the event.

Should outdoor events be held in the rain, purchasers will not have the right to a refund.

It is prohibited to transfer tickets against payment or to use them in brokering or for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes.

Helmets, umbrellas and other bulky items should be deposited in the cloakroom before the shows (maximum permitted size: cm. 25x35x12).

The buyer accepts the rules and conditions of purchase as posted on www.auditorium.com and/or www.santacecilia.it