II Edizione

Retape Festival

from Sat 6 Jan to Sun 3 Jun 2018

In these latest years, the music scene in Rome has extraordinarily developed in terms of quality, originality, commitment and passion. There is no doubt that today Rome represents again the heart of Italian music, a place where different and interesting trends, styles and talents meet together and can call the attention of a new and wider audience. Retape, in its second edition, is a chance to get a wider audience to know the most current representatives of the Roman music scene, through a large series of events presenting artists that deserve attention for their creativity and strength. Retape is the festival of the music born and raised in Rome in these latest years, is a review that presents new artists, is a music party for the curious ones and also for who loves to be surprised. Retape is many festivals and reviews all together that shows all the different shades of the Roman music scene. 
Retape 2018 is divided into 5 different categories: 

Retape Lab: new Roman artists in five events between January and May at Teatro Studio Borgna.
Retape Off: the Auditorium goes out the Auditorium and takes clubs and alternative bars in Rome in five different dates you can’t miss. 
Retape Winter: rap, trap, hip hop, on the 26th April, when some of the most talented and loved Roman artists take the Auditorium stage. 
Retape Summer: two days of rock in the open-air area of the Auditorium Hanging Gardens on 2nd and 3rd June, two days to listen to the best Roman artists, young bands and “historical” guests, new stars and successful performers.