9th Edition

Libri Come (Books As)


from Thu 15 Mar to Sun 18 Mar 2018

It has been nine years that Books As, by Marino Sinibaldi, Michele De Mieri and Rosa Polacco, takes to Rome books, authors, readers in a big Reading Party that, for four days, invades the Auditorium areas and halls. The topic of this ninth edition is Happiness, the wonderful and lumbering word, full of meanings and contradictions, possibilities and promises, individually and collectively speaking. As every year, we will ask to the representatives of the Party to deep dive into this topic, the core of all the lessons, presentations, debates and readings. As always happens during this review, we will present what is new on the bookstore shelves, the most awaited books and those that have already been debated on among readers and critics. Among the first names of the next edition, whose program is still underway, there are the key writers of the new American novel: Nicole Krauss, Nathan Englander, Daniel Mendelsohn, the Irish novelist Roddy Doyle, the Scottish mystery writer Ian Rankin, all with their brand new novels about to be released. Other guests, as the psychoanalyst Massimo Recalcati and the philosopher Remo Bodei, will give a lecture on the Party topic. Don’t miss the lessons for schools, exhibitions, shows, like the one by Francesco Piccolo called Partire o Restare? (To leave or to stay?). From March 15th to 18th we will cross geographies and places, physical and imaginary, from science to philosophy, from economy to literature, possibly finding Happiness, even where it seems impossible to do it.

produced by
Fondazione Musica Per Roma

Marino Sinibaldi
Michele De Mieri and Rosa Polacco

Libri Come 2018

Da nove anni Libri Come - Festa del Libro e della Lettura porta a Roma i libri, gli autori, i lettori, in una grande Festa della Lettura che per quattro giorni invade gli spazi e le sale...