12th Edition

History Lessons "Civil Wars"

Guerre Civili

from Sun 26 Nov to Sun 8 Apr 2018

every lesson is introduced by
Paolo Di Paolo

The social and political war is common to every society from the past and the present. But, there were moments in a country history that it was impossible to solve conflicts and tensions by mutual agreement. Then, people itself divided into hostile factions whose only purpose is to destroy each another. The citizens of the same community take up arms and fight against each other in the name of different political, religious or ethnic views. This twelfth edition of History Lessons is dedicated to these fratricidal wars, that is Civil Wars. 
Nine lessons, from ancient times to current days, to analyse through the historical eyes, how and why internal struggles occur, starting from rifts that seem irreconcilable. Nine lessons to have a better understanding, from Athens of the 4th Century b.C. to Syria today, on how behind these wars there is always the struggle for power, the ideological intolerance, and sometimes the desire for change.

The cycle History Lessons. Civil Wars, conceived by Editori Laterza, organized in collaboration with the 
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