6th Edition

Jazz Lessons

from Sun 12 Nov to Sun 13 May 2018
Fondazione Musica per Roma presents

Stefano Zenni

Jazz Lessons, in its sixth edition, prove once again to be the ideal occasion to discover one of the most important and surprising music styles of our times, to deep-dive into its most influential representatives, the memorable masterpieces, instruments and connections with the hot topics of our culture. Each lesson is held with an easy language even to non-insiders, and is accompanied by music, videos, graphics and piano examples. From this latest edition, Jazz Lessons are at 06 pm. 
This brand new edition explores the relationship with the various spiritual expressions, deep dives into the masterpieces like West End Blues and Fables of Faubus or the music by Eric Dolphy, retraces the great pianists’lives, like Bill Evans, Art Tatum and Franco D’Andrea, who, that’s new this year, will be the centre of a meeting-interview. The audience will learn more about the big band, the trombone and the paradoxes around jazz album, between music philosophy and productive anecdotal.

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