National Geographic Festival delle Scienze 2018

national geographic
science festival

the causes

from Mon 16 Apr to Sun 22 Apr 2018
The study of causes and causal relationships is a fundamental theme in science and philosophy. It is almost impossible to find a human activity that does not involve an intricate network of cause-effect relationships: from the evaluation of a bilingual programme in primary education to understanding how a bat identifies its prey, or from historical speculation on precisely how Napoleon died to predictions about who will win the next election. Yet despite its pervasive nature, the concept of cause remains highly controversial.

In this thirteenth edition of the National Geographic Sciences Festival held in association with National Geographic, MIUR-Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, ASI-Italian Space Agency and INFN-National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the theme of causes will be examined in its various multidisciplinary dimensions: from philosophical reasoning on causal relationships to a historical perspective on the concept of cause, from how we mentally perceive causes and effects (and how we err) to the acquisition of the concept of causation in childhood, up to the cognition of causation in animals. The cultural differences in how causes and effects are perceived will be examined, as well as questions regarding causal relationships in biology, physics, astrophysics, psychology and chemistry, and even the implications of causality in criminology. As always, the subject will be analysed from the most advanced research perspective and international scientists, philosophers, scientific historians, journalists and experts will gather to understand and discuss what science presently tells us about one of the most central concepts of human activity.
National Geographic Festival delle Scienze

Lo studio delle cause e delle relazioni causali è un tema fondamentale in ambito scientifico e filosofico. è difficile immaginare un’attività umana che non abbia a che fare...