Teatro Studio Borgna

Sala polifunzionale da 300 posti

Named after Gianni Borgna, historical Assessor of Cultural Politics of the City of Rome, intellectual and President of Fondazione Musica per Roma, the Teatro Studio is a multipurpose and multifunctional space that accommodates 300 people. Its regular shape with no vertical architectural elements and its ductility make it the ideal place to host concerts, theatre performances, cinema, music and literature events. Inside it is covered with cherry wood, there are sound-absorbent panels and curtains, and furniture guaranteeing perfect acoustics.

Completely panelled in wood, this space is equipped with sound-absorbing panels and acoustic curtains, so that it can be adapted to the specific requirements of any event. It is an intimate space where, thanks to its elegant lines, an organizer’s creativity can be given free play to devise an original setting for any type of convention.

304 in total, divided in stalls and 208 in gallery

Seats for the disabled: 2

460 sqm

Overall dimension of the hall: width 16,60 m – length 27,80 m; space occupied by the gallery 168 sqm

Stage size: 10 m x 8 m

Height of ceiling: 7,30-7,10 m

Number of entrances:

Lifts: 2 (in corridor) only for disabled access

Technical equipment: ring, audio e basic lighting, optional PSTN connection (telephone) and LAN network (internet-intranet) WI-FI network with simultaneous accesses with 10 Mbps unlimited sync broadband

2 electric sockets of 125 A 380

1 socket 63 A 380

1 socket 32 A 380

Optional equipment:
concerts, music shows, arts, cabaret, theatre and cinema performances, A/V projection, 1 control room, PA system, interpreters’ booths