sinopoli hall 

Sala da concerto da 1133 posti

Dedicated to the great composer and conductor Giuseppe Sinopoli, this hall has a modifiable configuration and guarantees top-level visibility and sound quality that maximizes audience concentration and listening.
The pureness of the architectural lines make the hall elegant and welcoming. It is characterized by a highly flexible seating arrangement and adaptable size, making a variety of setups possible. The venue is ideal for assemblies and business conventions, with or without entertainment.
The walls are covered with a combination of American cherry-wood panelling, galleries are made of classic sanded bricks. The hall acoustics is modular with texture curtains on the hall three sides.

1,121- 1,133 (stall seats 433 with mixer set up, gallery 688)

(The stall mixer removes 12 seats: if it is not set up during acoustic events there are 445 seats on the stalls)

Seats for the disabled: 8 (in stalls)

Overall dimension of the hall:
length m 47,90, width m 33,30 m

Stage area: 136 sqm

Stage size: width max 20m - min 15,50 m, depth 7,40 m

Stage height: 1 m

Average height of suspended ceiling: 11,20 m (from lower stalls)

Number of entrances:
4 in stalls, 6 in galleries

Lifts: 4 (2 in stalls and 1 in gallery, 1 backstage service lift)

Technical equipment:
optional PSTN connection (telephone) and LAN network (internet-intranet) WI-FI network with simultaneous accesses with 10 Mbps unlimited sync broadband, line array audio system, backstage electric panel

Optional equipment: 6 interpreters’ booths in backstage foyer, A/V projection