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S.Cecilia Hall 

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Santa Cecilia Hall (2,800 seats) is among the largest concert halls in Europe. Conceived for symphonic music, large orchestra and big choir, it hosts the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia’s symphonic season, the lyric operas in semi-scenic form and holy and contemporary music concerts.

Here perform the most prestigious artists of the international jazz, rock, pop, world, song-writer music scene. The stage is surrounded by terraced risers all around the orchestra. The suspended ceiling – a great architectural innovation – is made of 26 cherry-wood shells. Parterre and galleries as well are covered with wood that guarantees perfect acoustics. 

The Santa Cecilia Hall is one of the largest in Europe and hosts the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia's symphonic season. Its architectural features create a spectacular setting, which is why leading multinationals request this hall as a venue for prestigious conventionsand it is also chosen to host the premières at the International Rome Film Festival. The hall is particularly suited to official ceremonies, and perfect for holding all kinds of high-profile events.

The stage is in a central position and surrounded by "terraced" risers which encircle the orchestra during performances and enable speakers to communicate on a 360-degree basis. The big conceptual innovation is the suspended acoustic ceiling composed of 26 cherry-wood shells with a total surface area of over 4,000 square meters. The stalls and galleries are also covered with cherry wood, guaranteeing exceptional acoustics, thanks to the aid of texture curtains on all the hall perimeter.

2,744 (stalls 966, gallery 1,778)
Seats for the disabled: 14 (in stalls)

Overall dimension of the hall:
length 76,80 m, width 54,40 m

Stage area:
334 sqm

Stage size:
width max 25 m min 11 m, depth 15,50 m

Stage height:
1 m

Average height to ceiling:
19,50 m (from lower stalls)

Number of entrances:
8 to stalls, 16 to galleries

6 lifts (2 in lower stalls, 2 in upper stalls and gallery, 2 in upper circle) 1 service lift + 1 lift from the ring street to dressing rooms

Technical equipment:
optional PSTN connection (telephone) and LAN network (internet-intranet) WI-FI network with simultaneous accesses with 10 Mbps unlimited sync broadband

1 control room – digital cabling for recording

Optional equipment:
6 interpreters’ booths, A/V projection, cinema, amplification