Petrassi hall

Petrassi hall

Sala polifunzionale da 673 posti

Dedicated to one of the most important Italian composers of the 20th Century, Petrussi Hall (700 seats) is a multifunctional space ideal to host various shows: musical theatre, prose, dance, conferences, cinema showing. The walls defining the scene can rotate in order to modify stage dimensions. The hall is made up of parterre and galleries, and the walls, covered with acoustic curtains, allows a perfect sound propagation.  

673-661 (stalls 481, gallery 192 without mixers set out, 180 with mixer set out, if it is not set out during acoustic events the gallery counts 192 seats)

Seats for the disabled: 4 (in stalls)

Overall dimension of the hall:
length 29,00 m - width 22,50 m

Stage area: 177 sqm

Stage size: width 20,80 m, depth 8,50 m

Stage height: 1 m

Average height of suspended ceiling: 9,20/10,20 m (from stalls)

Number of entrances:
4 in stalls, 2 in gallery

Lifts: 3 (2 in stalls, 1 backstage) the gallery has no lift

Technical equipment:
1 control room, line array audio system, optional PSTN connection (telephone) and LAN network (internet-intranet) WI-FI network with simultaneous accesses with 10 Mbps unlimited sync broadband, backstage electric panel

Optional equipment:
4 interpreters’ booths, A/V projection, cinema