The Hanging Gardens

Claudio Abbado Garden

38.000 mq di parco all’aperto

The whole area of 38,000 square meters is a large park open to the public with a double function: the natural open-air continuation of the Auditorium activity, and a big green area available for everybody. The big park is like a semi-circular tree-lined promenade, full of typical Mediterranean vegetation: olive trees, oaks, pines, holms, lindens and ivies. Walking through the area there are lots of benches and low walls made of blocks. There is also a playground for children.

The hanging gardens are also home to an urban vegetable garden that– executed in collaboration with the Fondazione Musica per Roma – is one of the projects promoted by the Associazione Valerio Daniel De Simoni with offices in Rome and Sidney. The “Valerio Daniel de Simoni” organic vegetable garden is a city point of reference that promotes biodiversity and organic quality, stresses the importance of food seasonality, local products and eco-sustainable agriculture. Defined as “a cultivation planted on culture”, it is shared with curious or passionate visitors, the children of nearby Primary Schools and the guests of two Group Homes (where most of the products are sent to). It can be visited when Parco della Musica is open (every day from 11 am to 6 pm), and it is divided into six large organic ground areas where seasonal vegetables and a great variety of herbs can be planted.