Uno spazio all'aperto da 3700 a 5000 posti

The open-air Cavea, named after the great Luciano Berio, represents the heart of the entire complex. It has a double function: a square, a meeting point and an amphitheatre for open-air shows. Made of travertine, it is semi-circular and is divided into two different parts: the paving lower one, the real square that leads to the foyer, and the upper one with steps for the audience. It accommodates more than 3,000 people. The three buildings, as some sort of “sound boxes” hosting the three main halls, overlook the Cavea.

A theatre-square in travertine marble - a typical Roman stone - is the most versatile space in the complex, since it has two different functions: an exhibition space with an area of 560 sqm, ideal for presenting new products, and an arena that can accommodate 2,707 people, 2,144 in the upper section and 563 in stalls. When the show Luglio Suona Bene takes place, there are 969 seats in stalls and e 2,202 in galleries. The semi-elliptical configuration on two tiers exploits the natural 10-m difference in level to provide acoustics of unparalleled perfection. The Cavea (amphitheatre) is the chameleonic space par excellence: one day it can host the red carpet parade of stars at the Rome International Film Festival, and the next it becomes the great stage of the music show Luglio Suona Bene.

2,707 (2,144 in upper section, 563 in lower section)

In the case of the show Luglio Suona Bene, temporary structures can be set up (additional galleries).

Seats for the disabled:14 in lower section

Overall dimension of the arena: 3,656 sqm

Lower Cavea: flat 417 sqm, sloping 415 sqm, steps 370 sqm, under upper canopy 380 sqm, boulevard 670 sqm.

Upper Cavea: 1,404 sqm

Stage area: variable

Number of entrances:
Access from the main gates and from the Hanging Gardens

Lifts: 2 in the corridor

Technical equipment:
electric power 200 Kw

2 sockets 125 AMP 380

2 sockets 63 AMP 380

2 sockets 32 AMP 380

Optional LAN network (internet-intranet)

Optional equipment: stage, ice rink

Catering: 2,000 (buffet)