spazio espositivo da 655 mq

AuditoriumExpo is the large exhibition area of the Auditorium Parco della Musica complex in Rome that is composed of a Foyer (ticket office, catalogue point of sale, wardrobe, information material) of 100 square metres that leads to the exhibition area of 525 square metres and a hall of 130 square meters.

Opened on April 30th 2013 with the extraordinary exhibition dedicated to LIFE – The great photographers, AuditoriumExpo immediately had a big success for its strategical position inside the Auditorium and its function as the main photo exhibition area of the entire complex. Among the most important exhibitions held in AuditoriumExpo there are: Herb Ritts – In full light, With eyes wide-open, (11.12.2013 - 30.03.2014); Gianni Berengo Gardin – Elliott Erwitt. A friendship in silver salts, (15.10.2014 -1.2.2015); History impressed in a photo (21.02.2015 - 10.05.2015); Walter Bonatti. Photos of large spaces (8.10.2015 -17.01.2016). On December 7th starts the photo exhibition Photo Ark, that runs until May 5th 2018.

This area, unlike all the other public spaces of the Auditorium where transparencies and Roman blocks dominate and interact with the sunlight, is built on a sequence of pure white, without interruptions, the walls are never parallel and lead to a path of pure light where visitors can enjoy the photos in an intimate and private space.

Between the Parco main entrance and Santa Cecilia Hall, there is AuditoriumExpo that departs from its Foyer, whose concave shape and the warm Perroquet lightning system by iGuzzni welcome visitors and offers the chance to easily use all the facilities available. Then, lights turn into grey shades and this makes visitors really understand the exhibition is getting going. The space expands all of a sudden lengthwise in the exhibition gallery. Here walls, going through different directions, are clear surfaces from where visitors can enjoy the view of photos and the exhibited works of art; the illuminating bodies wall-wash Opton led Erco makes the bright levels perfect. The path leads to the final destination, a little room that has different functions: is the end of the itinerary and also the turning point to continue the visit inside the building.