Errare Humanum Est. VI Ed.

Raffaello Simeoni e Zampogneria

Orfeo l’incantastorie

Thu 1 Mar 2018 | 21:00 | Teatro Studio Borgna
Raffaello Simeoni, author, researcher and re-elaborator of Sabina materials, presents a new show dedicated to the popular lyric of his land.
In Orpheus L'incantastorie, traces the ancient popular tradition marked by echoes of Franciscan culture in an imaginary journey along the paths of medieval pilgrimages.
With him the splendid bagpipes of Zampogneria.

voice, lutes, accordion and bagpipes
Raffaello Simeoni
piano, sinth
Paolo Paniconi
hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, vielle
Giordano Ceccotti
double bass
Dario Carbutti
drums, percussion
Carlo Ferretti
Cristiano Califano
tickets at € 15.00