Photo Ark

Animal wonders

from Fri 8 Dec to Sun 22 Apr 2018 | AuditoriumExpo
Unique images and new technologies, as interactive screens and augmented reality, will make all the family live an unforgettable experience.

Twelve years to take pictures of more than 7,400 different captive animal species from all over the world. This is not all: Joel Sartore, great photographer for the National Geographic, wants to portray all the 12,000 animal species that are in zoos, reserves and conservation centres. It will take other 10 years to complete the monumental Photo Ark project. At the Auditorium Parco della Musica there is a selection of the most touching photos of this work, and also an important digital database of the more endangered species. Here, visitors can interact with the whole photo database of the species portrayed by Sartore and access to countless information and fun facts linked to the endangered species. "The Planet is entering an unexplored territory where humanity is transforming the Earth and going through a possible sixth mass extinction”. Human beings have to respect and safeguard the Planet in all its complexity through an ethic and sustainable development. Joeal Sartore’s message is clear: if we immediately don’t safeguard them a lot of animal species will disappear forever by some decades. Our task is to take action and save them. 
from Fri 8 Dec to Sun 22 Apr 2018 | AuditoriumExpo
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