Sound Corner / 45

Marco Ferrazza

Fragments of Continuity

from Thu 1 Nov to Fri 30 Nov 2018 | Sound Corner
Trapped  in 'beliefs' a labyrinth of mirrors, we normally think we know  where  we are but really it's only  a 'belief'. Believing then presumes  strong thinking, with an expectation of  truth, when  in  actual  fact  my  'place'  is in  absence  and  my  abode,  the  reflection of  a presence elsewhere.
So a weaker thought is considered admittedly a looser version of strong, that absolute, yet indeed and because of this, at  the same time it erodes the mind's habits, a psychical waste rescue. What is 
familiar and dose emerges and then the boundless distance  from oneself can be understood.
My abode is an external centre, in that discrepancy,
that gap in the language,
where in a lie always lies when 'Saying' something...

Sebastiano Giacobello

Marco Ferrazza
Fragments of Continuity, 2018
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