Sound Corner / 46

Luana Lunetta


from Sat 1 Dec to Thu 31 Jan 2019 | Sound Corner
Sound Corner It is a permanent sound installation in the interstitial space of the architecture of the Auditorium with a periodical monthly schedule where curators, artists and institutions will be invited to propose sound works by different artists. These works will then be included in the Auditorium Sound Archive on line.

Fluctus explores the movement of sound waves,their intrinsic tendency to propagate longitudinally and the process of abstraction relative to flow.The composition naturally induces listeners to dose their eyes in order to concentrate  on the acoustic waves and perceive the undulating movement more intensely. Fluctus is the wave,shifting energy described by sound elements of different frequencies,intensity and duration.
The piece is composed of sounds of metal percussions, sinusoidal sounds and feedback sounds. The metal percussions,particularly rich in harmonic partials,were recorded using alternative and 
immersive techniques to intensify  the directional perception of the sound wave through the resonances,falls and audio  tails  pertaining to  them.  So the  microphone is used as an actual  
musical  instrument. The incorporation of pure sinusoidal sounds triggers  frequency  beats and consequently accentuates the undulating movement  of the sound material.The loudspeaker  becomes an instrument along with the microphone,putting the percussion and sinusoidal sounds back into circulation by recording them in a feedback loop,thus making ali the sonic elements interdependent. In the acousmatic  context, the  sound  waves of Fluctus  become  musical objects  that  give shape to
impalpable sound and are conducive to imaginary visions.

Acousmatic compositions for meta/ percussions,sinusoidal sounds and feedback
Percussions: José Mobilia
Anna Cestelli Guidi
Luana Lunetta
fluctus, 2018
from Sat 1 Dec to Thu 31 Jan 2019 | Sound Corner

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