NGFS 2018

Diversity is the Key for Excellence in Science

Sun 22 Apr 2018 | 19:00 | Petrassi hall
Scientific methods educate to think freely, to evaluate and to accept the existence of different views by taking into account data analysis, following the principle of tolerance. These methods are  also used in democracy where rules need to be established in order to live together.

That’s why discriminations in science are really paradoxical and incomprehensible. “Brain-drain”, “leaky pipeline” and “glass ceiling” are sadly known phenomena used to describe the still difficult conditions of women in science. All the barriers and “no entries” that prevent women from freely circulating in science are contrary to the true scientific spirit in civilised and advanced countries; in retrograde communities they are contrary to democracy.
In 2008 in Paris, forty past Laureates of the L’Oréal-UNESCO Award signed the Charter of Commitment “For Women in Science”, the first Charter designated to promote science and support the cause of women. After ten years, in this round table we stress that governments and institutions have yet to include the concepts enshrined in this Charter in their own mission and strategies. They have to formalise the recommendations of the Charter in international laws to be respected in each research and academic field. Society needs talents for its cultural and economic progress and talents – male and female - need society to be free to find their deserved place in the world. 

Dominique Langevin 
Cnrs  - Université Paris-Sud
Rashika El Ridi 
Cairo University

Federica Migliardo
Università di Messina - Université Paris - Sud
Sun 22 Apr 2018 | 19:00 | Petrassi hall
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