Goran Bregović & his Wedding and Funeral Band

Three Letters from Sarajevo

Sun 4 Feb 2018 | 21:00 | S.Cecilia Hall 

The Goran Bregović Orchestra is back at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. Many musicians would be glad and satisfied with just a little pinch of Goran Bregović’s career. Contemporary composer, traditional musician or rock star, he didn’t have to choose: he mixed all together to a universal and totally personal music. Five years later, the album Champagne for Gypsies, Bregović is back with a new production focussed on religious diversity and peaceful coexistence: “Three Letters from Sarajevo”. 
Gorab Bregović represents the melting pot that he tries to tell in his new album. « I’m from Sarajev, I was born on a border: the only one where Orthodoxies, Catholics, Jews and Muslims gather together. My father is Catholic, my mom is Orthodox, my wife is Muslim. I consider myself a gypsy too, perhaps because my father, as colonel of the army, didn’t accept I was a musician, for him it was a “gipsy” thing».  
This is the story of Sarajevo, with all those beliefs, identities, complex paradoxes that inspired the new album of this Sarajevo-native, Goran Bregović. Many beautiful voices joined in this album: Bebe, Riff Cohen, Rachid Taha, Asaf Avidan. 
Just few musicians are able to develop such varied art that combines such a wide range of styles and techniques without losing their own personality. You can immediately recognize a song by Bregović because it conveys to the entire world, without making any difference of race, sex, age and religion. During the concert Goran Bregović will be accompanied by an orchestra of 19 members.
Sun 4 Feb 2018 | 21:00 | S.Cecilia Hall 
tickets starting from € 26.10 to 47.50 plus pre-sale fee