le cause tra tecnologia e realtà

From the Politics of Causes to the Politics of Effects 

The Adverse Effects of AI on Democratic Culture

Sat 21 Apr 2018 | 21:01 | Petrassi hall

The emergence of intelligent ("smart") technologies, powered by big data, has been hailed as a major development of the last decade, with significant positive consequences for the quality of life and democratic culture. Now, thanks to sensors and algorithms, many small-scale political processes, especially those at the local and urban level, can be improved and even automated. Yet, what has gone unexamined is the deeper, hidden assumption - about the nature of political life, citizenship, and causality - that underpins such smart, AI-driven technologies. Thanks to them, we have a near-full mastery of effects of various problems but little interest in addressing their ultimate causes - a political shift with momentous long-term ramifications for our political life. 
Evgenij Morozov 
Alessandro Marenzi
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