equilibrio festival 2018

Compagnie Hervé Koubi

Les Nuits Barbares, ou les premiers matins du monde

Wed 21 Feb 2018 | 21:00 | Petrassi hall
The French-Algerian choreographer Hervé Koubi presents in Rome the most emblematic and powerful show, Les nuits barbares ou les premiers matins du monde. 

This is the story of a path where every single tale is about the story of a path... Five years spent between Algeria and France, on the opposite shores of the sea who saw the birth of so many uprooted and exiled people, the shared and invisible cradle of those who are defined the Mediterranean ethnic groups. Les nuits barbares ou les premiers matins du monde takes inspiration from the boundless and evocative history of the Mediterranean basin. “... Nowadays, I think it’s essential to believe in a universal and shared culture, hybridized but unitary, and to hope in a common future. Who were those barbarians who went down from the north, the mysterious people from the sea about whom the Bible, reports, the ancient monuments tell the crimes without never shed light to their roots? Who were those other barbarians who came from the east, Persians, Ionians, Scythians, Babylonians, Arab-Muslims? Which unknown, forgotten, re-elaborated, absorbed or removed story have we inherited? Knights from the steppe or mound maker, devoted people or with no gods, peaceful or war-hungry, defeated but still fertile... There are thousand ways to «build a society». I chose to look at what it seems more fascinating to me: the eternal mixture of cultures and religions that I think it can help me to trace, or even better, to reveal the basis of a geography that we all share, across all the world, we often don’t even realize. I want to take history back, to open your eyes, to compare myself to other people, towards freedom... and remember the term Amazigh (barbarian) also means «free man»". Hervé Koubi

Hervé Koubi
assistant to the choreographer
Fayçal Hamlat
Lazhar Berrouag, Adil Bousbara, Mohammed Elhilali, Abdelghani Ferradji, Zakaria Ghezal, Bendehiba Maamar, Giovanni Martinat, Riad Mendjel, Najib Meherhera, Mourad Messaoud, Houssni Mijem, Ismail Oubbajaddi, Issa Sanou, El houssaini Zahid
music by
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gabriel Fauré, Richard Wagner and traditional Algerian songs 
music creations
Maxime Bodson
Guillaume Gabriel
Lionel Buzonie

Wed 21 Feb 2018 | 21:00 | Petrassi hall
tickets at € 25.00
I Love Auditorium.