NGFS 2018


Thu 19 Apr 2018 | 19:30 | Petrassi hall
A cause makes something happen. In this we know about causes in a deeply intuitive and familia way. It would seem that causation is a notion on which common sense appears to possess a powerful grip. And yet, the more we investigate this notion, the more interesting it becomes. For when we look closely, it turns out that there are many ways to understand it, and many questions that it raises. For example, how do we discover whether something has caused another? Do we see causation in the world or must we discover it by other means? How do we understand the world in terms of causation? How is this related to scientific questions about causation?
L. A. Paul will discuss the way we understand the world causally and explore the way that this understanding plays a role in computer games, science fiction puzzles about time travel, as well as in everyday life.  Joe Halpern will look in more detail at one particular approach to dealing with some of the real world puzzles about causation, and will focus on what are called `structural equations' to model counterfactuals.
Laurie Paul, Eugene G. Falk distinguished professor director of graduate admissions, North Carolina University at Chapel Hill
Joseph Halpern, Cornell University

Mario De Caro, Università Roma Tre
Thu 19 Apr 2018 | 19:30 | Petrassi hall
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