Alessandro Quarta
Sun Hee You


Sun 28 Jan 2018 | 21:00 | Teatro Studio Borgna

Two completely different musicians meet together to give life to harmonic and seductive music: the west and the east, male and female, passionate and sweet. Their instruments chase each other exploring music universes apparently heterogeneous: sound, rhythm, style sparks and dissimilar shapes (coming from jazz, soul, pop, bossa nova and Latin music, but also classic, baroque, romanticism and the historical twentieth century), combined and tied together by the leitmotiv of improvisation, show what musicians consider the essential element of making music, anytime and anywhere: expressing feelings. 
Alessandro Quarta, an outgoing, explosive and wild musician, express his art through different music languages, spanning from classic, blues, soul and pop. His vigorous looking also appears in his music, on the unrestrained way he plays the violin, playing with sound sensuality. The CNN defined him a “Musical genius, Composer, Violin virtuoso”.
Sunhee You’s music expressiveness comes out with elegance and womanhood, also thanks to her eastern origins and her western culture by adoption. As a traditional pianist and always searching for innovation, she has been compared to Oscar Peterson for her Bill Evans’ touch and her virtuosity.
Alessando Quarta violin  
Sun Hee You pianist 

Sun 28 Jan 2018 | 21:00 | Teatro Studio Borgna
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