Orchestra Popolare Italiana

Founded in July 2001 and directed by Ambrogio Sparagna, the Orchestra Popolare Italiana is devoted to the Italian popular repertoire.

Its members, mainly composed by young musicians from different regions, puts together thirty elements among singers and musicians that play the typical musical instruments of the popular Italian tradition, like bagpipes, shawm, barrel organs, tambourines, mandolins, violins, chitarra battente, hurdy-gurdy, lyre, harps, shells and many other “minor” instruments coming from the great national ethno-music repertoire.

The project promoted by the Fondazione Musica per Roma acts like an original instrument that promotes, re-elaborates and spreads out the different Italian oral tradition music repertoires through the production of original programs dedicated to regional repertoires of the national folklore.

The Orchestra Popolare Italiana deals with single special collaboration projects with local musicians and artists, conveying cultural promotion and promoting ancient knowledge. OPI is accompanied by the Coro Popolare (Popular Choir) directed by Anna Rita Colaianni.

Among the original projects that OPI conceives and promotes there are La ChiaraStella with Christmas carols from the Italian traditional repertoire; Si Canta Maggio that celebrates through music the right to work, and Ballo!, the big show to rediscover the Italian popular ancient dances.